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It has been crazy the first few weeks of January, but before the year runs away into February, I thought I would share some things.  I wake up every day and list things that I am thankful for, that way even when its a bad day, you have to find the good…so what better way to start the year than with the same thing.

For my husband – without him I never would have been able to follow my dream, to walk out of a corporate job and into the photography field.  For his gentle soul, for his patience, for his integrity and all the things that make him so very special.

I am thankful to have had another year with my mom, who is fighting cancer with all she has…and my wondeful dad, who supports her and stays rocksolid for everyone.  Don’t give up, stay strong, we love you both and want you to stick around for a loooong time still…

For clients –  it still amazes me that people will actually pay me to do this; it makes me weepy and emotional when I get a thank you email from someone telling me how much the images mean to them.  For a long time, the hardest thing for me to say was “I am a photographer” – it took a while before I could own that, before I thought I am ok-ish at this…now I am at a point where I want to get better, learn more, experiment more and grow…and I never want to lose this passion I have.  Doing this makes me happy 🙂

For mentors – people who helped me in this business, who unselfishly give advice, share their knowledge and experience  and listen when you are doubting yourself.

For my friends – for understanding when they don’t see or hear from me for weeks (ok, sometimes months) because I have to edit, shoot a wedding, hide under a rock form overwhelmedness ( I know, I don’t care if it’s not a real word 🙂

Oh, and I’m extremely thankful for wine – without which I would never make it through wedding season 😉
And on that note – I hope you have the most wonderful 2012!!! Have a glass of something, dream big and worry small… and above all, be the best you can be!!!



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