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Burlesque Baby!

Introducing the gorgeous beauties of The Rouge Review Burlesque Company…do yourself a favour and don’t miss the next show if you like a bit of steam and glitter 🙂


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Ms M – boudoir shoot

I don’t often blog my boudoir sessions – it is a very personal thing and only once in a while does someone allow me to post a few images. This wonderful, brave lady came for her shoot a while ago and graciously consented for these images to be blogged – I am so grateful xxx

“As a 40 something year old woman, I had been wanting to do this shoot as a celebration of my womanhood and femininity and as a way of reclaiming my body as a rape survivor.
I was initially a bit apprehensive and self-conscious but Stella and her team made me feel so incredibly at ease and beautiful. I was made to feel like a queen for the day.
The hours flew by but the confidence and boost to my self esteem and how the shoot has changed the way I perceive myself will stay with me always.

Since the shoot, I hold my head just a little higher, stand a little taller and still feel just as sensual and womanly as I did during the shoot.

It is something I would highly recommend to each and every woman out there.”
boudoir photography cape

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We grew up together. We went through the awkward teenage years together. We smoked behind our parent’s backs. We drank cheap liquor and learnt about boys (sometimes at the same time:) We snuck out in the middle of the night and did mostly nothing. We cried and laughed. We got our hearts broken.

And now its lots of years later, and we don’t have to hide our cigarettes and we can afford champagne, but we still cry and laugh together. And when life gets tough, we have made a pact to be there for each other. Real friends are a gift…treasure them xoxoxo



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