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Cecilia + Ryan | Johannesburg Country Club Woodmead

I sound like a broken record…my clients are amazing and wonderful etc etc…but seriously, I have the best clients!! Have a look at how gorgeous and happy these two are and see for yourself.

People travelled from all over the world to see Cecilia and Ryan tie the knot and those that couldn’t make it watched via live streaming. In front of their closest family and friends, they said their vows in the gorgeous Rosebank Catholic Church. We then did our creative shoot in the middle of a residential area in a little gem of a park and watching these two interact was just wonderful – the way he kept touching her hand, the way she whispered in his ear, the way they looked at each other…perfection.

Back at the JCC, things got a little emotional during the speeches – Ryan made the most heartfelt and moving speech I have heard yet and when he said “you are my happy place” photographers and videographers all shed a few tears 🙂

Cecilia and Ryan, I can’t think of a couple more perfectly suited, you are wonderful together and thank you for letting us share in some of you joy!


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