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Ms M – boudoir shoot

I don’t often blog my boudoir sessions – it is a very personal thing and only once in a while does someone allow me to post a few images. This incredible, brave woman came for her shoot a while ago and graciously consented for these images to be blogged – I am so grateful xxx

“As a 40 something year old woman, I had been wanting to do this shoot as a celebration of my womanhood and femininity and as a way of reclaiming my body as a rape survivor.
I was initially a bit apprehensive and self-conscious but Stella and her team made me feel so incredibly at ease and beautiful. I was made to feel like a queen for the day.
The hours flew by but the confidence and boost to my self esteem and how the shoot has changed the way I perceive myself will stay with me always.

Since the shoot, I hold my head just a little higher, stand a little taller and still feel just as sensual and womanly as I did during the shoot.

It is something I would highly recommend to each and every woman out there.”

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2 Responses to Ms M – boudoir shoot

  1. Hannes Delport at #

    A rape survivor that can do a awesome shoot like this. Lady you have guts, I salute you. Well done. Stunning shoot with a stunning model.

  2. Mike at #

    What a special lady.
    The light within could power Eskom for a month of load shedding.

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