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Ms M – boudoir shoot

I don’t often blog my boudoir sessions – it is a very personal thing and only once in a while does someone allow me to post a few images. This wonderful, brave lady came for her shoot a while ago and graciously consented for these images to be blogged – I am so grateful xxx […]

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Who says you can’t look glamorous at 70?! Hillary contacted me as she wanted some classic beauty shots done to give to her children. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

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Jodi + Gabriel – Jewish Wedding Sydenham Shul

Jodi is gorgeous, a classic beauty that belongs in a magazine spread, but she is also generous, gentle and funny. Gabriel got lucky 😉 Not that he’s half bad mind you, handsome, successful and smart and with lots and lots of energy (no really, lots) 🙂 I heard a quote the other day and it […]

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