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Thank you – boudoir shoot

Hi Stella

I need to express my gratitude for yesterday. From the moment the hair and makeup ladies walked in right till the very end, my experience was complete perfection. Thank you so so much for everything yesterday. I am still in awe of the entire experience.

It really left me with a stronger sense of confidence, beauty and self appreciation. I know that as women we will always have things about ourselves that we are not happy with or conscious about…But you made me feel so comfortable, and you made me feel so beautiful. And even at times when I felt a bit silly, you turned that into something fun.

This wasnt just a photo shoot, or a gift for my new husband…It was so much more. It was something I didn’t realise I needed for myself. Something I will be able to remember fondly on days when I am feeling self conscious, or days when I have low self esteem.

Thank you Stella, from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing experience yesterday. You truly are exceptional at what you do, and you are truly helping people in a unique and amazing way.


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