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Will You Marry Me???

Last night was very special for us…Derek’s “little girl” got engaged!!

Craig did the whole thing…got down on his knees and made a moving speech, made everyone cry and surprised Shannon with a beautiful proposal…aaaahhh.  Seriously, what more could a girl ask for ???

Shannon told him once that she wanted to get engaged when her family and friends were around, so he did just that…everyone was there…and everyone was in on itSmile   He has been planning for weeks! So, in the guise of a belated birthday party for Shaz, we all arrived and tried not to let  her in on the real reason we were  all there.  Now Craig is a very energetic person at the most normal of times so imagine for a moment a man nearly exploding with nervous energy, a lot of cigarettes and a few jaegies (for courage) later…and boy, did he do good!

And after he made a fake speech for the fake birthday party, the paparazi was on hand to capture these wonderful moments… Congratulations you two! We love you LOTS and know that you will have the most wonderful life together… mwah mwah xxx

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